QST010 - «VA - Freaks Vol. 3»
Bee Lincoln & Francesco Ballato, Senoo, Stoga & Mandibula

For the jubilee of the 10th release Questo brings together some friends of the close environment for a „Various Artist“ compilation on vinyl and digtal. Mandibula, Stoga, Senoo and Bee Lincoln in collaboration with Francesco represent diverse aspects and musical components. which unite groove, melody and danceabilty for maximum enjoyment.

Side A1 features a cooperation of long-term groove brothers Francesco Ballato and Bee Lincoln. „Daddys Choice“ was born in a jam session and re-edited to serve a full bass load on a summerlicious track. Smart percussion pattern give a nice fluff as a compensation to slant and humorous synth sounds, embedded on positive sphere vibes.

Senoo, who already released on labels like Tzinah Rec., Baile Musik or Whoyostro, comes up with the title „Baby loves Sour Diesel“. An incredibly groovin’ tightness pairs with a deep flowin’ sphere and makes this track super-functional on the floor.

Flip the side and here we go with Stoga, who is in charge for the latest release on Questo. „Arrived“ is a warm-shakin’ and
well-tempered tune with a theme-like melodic synth. Ready for open airs.

Freiburg-based Heimatliebe artist Mandibula takes over the warmth and adds a slightly driving rhythm in „Feeling Frenzy“.
Known for his affinity in sound aesthetics of generating moods with synth-based elements, he does what he can do the best: an extraordinarily intense and mind-blowing tune for the clubs.






QST009 - Stoga «Home»

Questo follows up with the next digital release by Swiss-based Stoga. His second appearance on the label after a remix three years ago comes here with his very own «Home». Three solid deeply groovin’ and shakin made for the dancefloors.

Title track «Home» is a good-mooder based on sleek rhythmics. Airy vocal snips stimulate an inspiring flow. A chattering voice is talking in the background, which is doing so as well in the second track «Ijoko». Groovin’ straightly, the atmosphere is defined by incisive chords here. In «Room 54» you can find a delicate deepness which moves on a shakin’ beat structure.





QST008 - Francesco Ballato «Wishlist EP»
Remix by: Rohrer & Stohler

The «Wishlist EP» is the first digital only release on Questo?! Music after a bunch of ‚vinyl-only’. Labelhead FRANCESCO BALLATO himself is in charge for three fresh original tracks, which are completed by a remix of the Swiss live performers ROHRER & STOHLER. Tune in for some deep and groovin’ signature sounds straight from the house of Questo.

«Just saying» comes around with a fat and subby bassline, which interacts fluently to well-defined toms and percussive elements. This implicates a magnificient and shaky drive, that gets split off by slantly arranged sounds and vocal cuts in the break. Defo’ a great cut for waving the floors. Responsible for the remix is the duo Rohrer & Stohler, who recently released on Berlin-based label ‚as usual music’. Their interpretation tidies up and re-constructs a cheerful rhythm with a subtle groove. Forming the parts into warm-plucked synth stabs are building a catchy suspense.

The second original «Got A System Now» is a smoothly flowin’ Deephouse tune with this extra dose of Francesco Ballato’s kinky sounds out of his machines, supplemented by reverbed voices and pleasent organ sounds. Sensual moments and a friendly atmosphere gets created. «I Wanna Know You» is rooted on related sequences and frequencies with anthem-like background. Excited moans and strings shaping into a trippy and yummy tune.





QST007 - Bee Lincoln «Dub Ass EP»
Remixes by: Outstrip, Francesco Ballato

After a little break, Questo is back with No. 007 – first time not only on vinyl. Protagonist of the „Dub Ass EP“ is Berlin-based and good old friend BEE LINCOLN, who makes noise these days with his label as! Two rumbling originals getting completed with an excellent pack of remixes by Ukrainin guys OUTSTRIP and label head FRANCCESCO BALLATO!


„Dub Ass“ in its original mix is nothing less than a bassy rave monster, which appears occasionally at the peak time in the center of the floor and eats you. Definitely it’s the kind of unexpectable and not usual track, but the power of the synth bass has a taste of apocalypse. Furthermore on the A side is the reinterpretation by Mr. Questo Francesco Ballato, who strips down the elements and comes up with a groovin’ minimal techno remix. Taking the bass stabs and setting up effectively in combination with the tuned percussions, creates a subtle driven piece which is extraordinarily worthful playing/dancing it.


The B-Side features at first Bee’s original „Consciousness“, which is grounded on a warm drifting bassline. Sneaky synth cuts are directing it to the question ‚What is conciousness?’ and gains a higher state of meaning. A divine female voice is trying to give an answer and leads into suspensful chords. The guys of Outstrip are masterminds of contemporary groovin techhouse and minimal stuff. They recently released on labels like Dogmatik Rec., Fantatstic Friends, Lapsus Music, Knee Deep In Sound, Antura or their very own vinyl imprint Outstrip Wax. So the remix is obviously made for the wax with a keen bassline and reduce the elements on its basic. Smartly giving it a deep touch, it gives the flawless part to have a rounded vinyl EP.








QST006 - VA - Freaks Vol. 2
Steve Cole & Ronald Christoph, Dominik Daks, Matt Star

The freaks are out again. Questo?! Music 006 comes on transparent vinyl and features three tracks by the freaky Questo?! family. This time we show up from the flashy and melodic side, right perfect for the beginning of the open air season.


Schallbox-Head and Basel-based Steve Cole teams up one more time with Berlin-freak Ronald Christoph, who is known for several releases and collaborations. „Into Nothing“ brings the melody of now, obstructed with a little disco flavour. Will be definitely responsible for some eargasms.


‚Rookie’ Dominik Daks brings the full sensual, but driven track „Plus Size“, which is dipped in cosmic synth lines and navigates the freaky Questo?! flagship to undiscovered worlds.

The B-side is reserved for an 11-minute-tracker by Frankfurt-based Matt Star. He juggles with synths and turns „Almond“ into a great tripping masterpiece.


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QST005 - Francesco Ballato «Propper»
Remixes by: Jacob Phono, Stoga & Bee Lincoln

Another bomb on milky orange vinyl is dropped with label release No. 5 of the inglorious Questo?! Music from Switzerland. The Original Mix of „Propper“ from Francesco Ballato is boosted by 3 remixes. Let’s start at the core: Francesco’s stripped-down style of deep and groovin’ house is turned into an inventive and quirky floor sneaker, which gets higher and higher into a thrilling dramaturgy with the voice of Bruce Lee.


Same side is featured by another uprising producer from Switzerland: Stoga. He found a phat groove in the box and smashes it with a tight direction more into techhouse.


Danish boy Jacob Phono from Berlin, whose list of impacting releases has raised strongly in the recent time, leaves Bruce Lee out of sight and delivers a solid techy version of „Propper“ on the B1 side.


B2 belongs to Bee Lincoln with his 2nd remix for this label. His faible for deeply driven sounds is unmistakable, which is topped in a tricky way and shoots the floor with kinky snare games. 


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QSTLTD002 - Francesco Ballato & Mandibula «Lechery»

Incl. Miro Pajic Remix


QST004 - VA - Freaks Vol. 1
Konrad Dycke, Mandibula, Francesco Ballato

The colour chart of Questo! Music thrives into blue with No. 4 of this unmistakable vinyl series. This elementary impulse is an audible impact in the shape of three outstanding tracks by the close environment of the Questo family.


The A-side is dedicated to two young producers from the south-west corner of Germany. Known for his sense in minideeptech-sounds, KONRAD DYCKE wallows intimate melodic parts on his subtracted, but deep-waven textures in 'MESPILUS'. Humming with round-framed pillars, that reaching the sphere irresistibly, is Parquet Rec. member MANDIBULA's sort to catch the groove of the 'COSMIC DROP'.


But these both rill-filler are more or less the trailblazers for the long runner on B, made by the artificer himself - FRANCESCO BALLATO. Better you fasten your seat belt before the unholy basses in a distinctive way changes your level of consciousness to unimagible highness. Put the stabs in a sudden right order and be sure, that music can be so massive - 'FEEL TOO LITTLE' is taking control of you.


QST003 - Chris Milla «Black Harder»

Incl. Remixes by: Bee Lincoln, Francesco Ballato, Steve Cole


QST002 - Marco Di Feo «Velo»

Incl. Remixes by: Matt Star, Chris Milla Francesco Ballato


QST001 - Francesco Ballato «Gitta Luv»
Incl. Remix by Aldo Cadiz