QST006 - VA - Freaks Vol. 2
Steve Cole & Ronald Christoph, Dominik Daks, Matt Star

The freaks are out again. Questo?! Music 006 comes on transparent vinyl and features three tracks by the freaky Questo?! family. This time we show up from the flashy and melodic side, right perfect for the beginning of the open air season.


Schallbox-Head and Basel-based Steve Cole teams up one more time with Berlin-freak Ronald Christoph, who is known for several releases and collaborations. „Into Nothing“ brings the melody of now, obstructed with a little disco flavour. Will be definitely responsible for some eargasms.


‚Rookie’ Dominik Daks brings the full sensual, but driven track „Plus Size“, which is dipped in cosmic synth lines and navigates the freaky Questo?! flagship to undiscovered worlds.

The B-side is reserved for an 11-minute-tracker by Frankfurt-based Matt Star. He juggles with synths and turns „Almond“ into a great tripping masterpiece.


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QST005 - Francesco Ballato «Propper»
Remixes by: Jacob Phono, Stoga & Bee Lincoln

Another bomb on milky orange vinyl is dropped with label release No. 5 of the inglorious Questo?! Music from Switzerland. The Original Mix of „Propper“ from Francesco Ballato is boosted by 3 remixes. Let’s start at the core: Francesco’s stripped-down style of deep and groovin’ house is turned into an inventive and quirky floor sneaker, which gets higher and higher into a thrilling dramaturgy with the voice of Bruce Lee.


Same side is featured by another uprising producer from Switzerland: Stoga. He found a phat groove in the box and smashes it with a tight direction more into techhouse.


Danish boy Jacob Phono from Berlin, whose list of impacting releases has raised strongly in the recent time, leaves Bruce Lee out of sight and delivers a solid techy version of „Propper“ on the B1 side.


B2 belongs to Bee Lincoln with his 2nd remix for this label. His faible for deeply driven sounds is unmistakable, which is topped in a tricky way and shoots the floor with kinky snare games. 


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QSTLTD002 - Francesco Ballato & Mandibula «Lechery»

Incl. Miro Pajic Remix


QST004 - VA - Freaks Vol. 1
Konrad Dycke, Mandibula, Francesco Ballato

The colour chart of Questo! Music thrives into blue with No. 4 of this unmistakable vinyl series. This elementary impulse is an audible impact in the shape of three outstanding tracks by the close environment of the Questo family.


The A-side is dedicated to two young producers from the south-west corner of Germany. Known for his sense in minideeptech-sounds, KONRAD DYCKE wallows intimate melodic parts on his subtracted, but deep-waven textures in 'MESPILUS'. Humming with round-framed pillars, that reaching the sphere irresistibly, is Parquet Rec. member MANDIBULA's sort to catch the groove of the 'COSMIC DROP'.


But these both rill-filler are more or less the trailblazers for the long runner on B, made by the artificer himself - FRANCESCO BALLATO. Better you fasten your seat belt before the unholy basses in a distinctive way changes your level of consciousness to unimagible highness. Put the stabs in a sudden right order and be sure, that music can be so massive - 'FEEL TOO LITTLE' is taking control of you.


QST003 - Chris Milla «Black Harder»

Incl. Remixes by: Bee Lincoln, Francesco Ballato, Steve Cole


QST002 - Marco Di Feo «Velo»

Incl. Remixes by: Matt Star, Chris Milla Francesco Ballato


QST001 - Francesco Ballato «Gitta Luv»
Incl. Remix by Aldo Cadiz